Freight Investor Services

Freight Investor Services are the global leader in dry bulk derivatives and since it's foundation in 2002 has been instrumental in developing the market into a multi-billion dollar global business.

I was bought in on this project to redesign the FIS website in line with new brand guidelines (that standardised the colour scheme for the brand) and to ensure the website was responsive — some 40% of traffic to the website was coming from mobiles, and with a bounce rate of over 85% the previous website was costing the company around 4000 unique views a month.

There is a wealth of information on the homepage to boost FIS' SEO presence, and also to allow their clients to find information relevant to their query faster. It became important to devise a way to visually seperate this information and design the page to not look too busy.

By utilising the brand colours and a gridated style, a clean and non-cluttered visual hierachy of information has been achieved. The modular nature also allowed me to synergise the style across the rest of the pages.

In order to retain existing clients and attract new customers, information needed to be easily accessible and relevant items needed to be upsold on product pages. By providing a simple nagivation structure and relevant products, users are more likely to traverse the website tree and spend more time browsing.

One of FIS' main objectives with the new website was to be come the resource for dry bulk goods. By shortening pages and breaking down products users are forced to engage with the site more — at the same time their attention is held longer, as pages are more visually interesting and there is not a block of text to consume.