Cox Restorations

Cox Restorations are a building restoration company based in Charing, Kent. Quoted as being '[the] beacon of what could be done', it was important that their website showcased the prestige and luxury of their completed works. As the proof is in the pudding, I decided that the website should lean heavily on their extensive image library.

This reliance on imagery was, however, an issue that their current website was facing. By using around 20 images on their homepage, the website was taking considerable time to load (especially on slower connections) and one of the main concerns with this build was to ensure that load times were as fast as possible.

With load times in mind, I built the website to focus on a smaller selection of images, however emphasise this selection more by utilising a full screen slider. This allowed the website to have visual impact without the detriment of huge load times.

These image considerations also needed to be taken into account for the Portfolio pages, where the use of images was the most prominent. On their current website the page attempted to load all of the images at once, which was causing a huge delay. I opted to load the thumbnails of the images on the portfolio page, and only load the images once the thumbnail was clicked and the image was requested through a popup.

This change means that the page loads much quicker, and the user is aware they can expect a delay when attempting to view the image at full size as the popup shows a loading icon.

As this website was also built responsively, it was important to fit as much information into the viewport without losing the impact of the provided imagery. By utilising rollover text on the images and gradating the layout, I was able to shrink the height of the Portfolio page five-fold.